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Uhm. So my first webcomic was a bust. I went through bad times, and I'm slightly better now surrounded with friends and family that support me. The problem was that ever since my freakout happened I wasn't able to pick up Solis Perpetua anymore, the magic was gone and I could only associate it with my post-college freakout.

Things have been better since then and with the support and inspiration my friends and brush bromance give me, I don't think I'll be running away from projects anymore. I'm focusing on just enjoying the ride, learning things as I go making comics which is really why I started making them in the first place. So that's what I'm doing. Learning to relax a little, learning to accept my mistakes and keep on trucking on.

With that said, here's my new webcomic I've been working on for a while which has been keeping me occupied and away from DA. (Well that and I'm much more active on tumblr now.) It's called Space Junk Arlia. It's about some junk... in space... in a place called Arlia.

Orange out.